"The road to success is the sum of people who enjoy working together on common goals"
- Wilma Notermans

Our mission is to find the most sustainable solution to enhance the customer's business operation. In terms of efficient work processes, human cooperation, maximizing results and compliant with regulations. We value the importance of human capital, people's talents, creativity and the unlimited group potential arising from being happy at work. 

We offer the following services:

  • Business Analysis

  • IT interim management

  • Business Process Redesign

  • Compliance control design & advice

  • IT HR consultancy

  • IT Talent coaching

  • IT Quality Assurance

Our experience in tools and methods is very extensive. To name a few: Agile Scrum, Lean 6 Sigma, BiSL, ITIL, ASL.


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E: info@wilmanotermans.com

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